The Unwilling by C. David Belt


The Unwilling


C. David Belt


The Children of Lilith, (Book One)


Vampire, Horror, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, LDS, Christian, Urban Fantasy

In all the 6,000 years that the Children of Lilith have walked among us, there has never been an unwilling vampire…until now.

Book Description

Carl Morgan has lost everything. His wife and children were killed in a senseless accident. Then he witnesses the murder of his sister at the hands of a beautiful and mysterious woman named Rebecca. When the police cannot locate the killer, Carl takes matters into his own hands. But his search for justice costs him everything he holds dear.

Carl is unknowingly transformed into the world’s first and only unwilling vampire. He is cut off from the light, damned to an eternity of darkness, barred from heaven and any hope of a reunion with his family.

Moira MacDonald, a repentant vampire, has roamed the earth alone for centuries seeking redemption. The very existence of an unwilling vampire, something she thought impossible, changes everything. Has she finally found a path to redemption . . . and an end to her loneliness?

Carl and Moira discover that Rebecca’s vampire Master, Michael, plans to unleash a plague of vampires on the city. Can Carl and Moira stop the slaughter of countless innocents?

Excerpt from The Unwilling

“Where am I?” I ask.

She hesitates a moment and then replies, “Ye are in my home. Do ye know how ye got here?”

Now I’m getting worried. “My memory’s a bit fuzzy. Sorry.”

“Ye carried a young woman into the emergency room at the LDS Hospital. She was unconscious and covered in blood. Ye were stag-gerin’ about and yellin’ incoherently. Ye frightened everyone. We took the young woman and attended to her, but ye collapsed. I thought it best nae to let the staff examine ye. So, I brought ye here and tended to ye myself.”

The girl. Yes, I remember the girl. “Is she OK?” I ask.

Moira nods slowly. “Aye, she’s fine. Some blood loss, but she’ll live. Ye did nae kill her.”

Kill her? What?

“W . . . why would I kill her?” I stammer. “What’re you talking about?”

She stares at me again. She seems to be holding some kind of internal debate. Her eyes narrow as she comes to a decision.

“Blood,” she says simply.


“Blood. Human blood.”

I look at her without understanding, blinking stupidly.

“The drink,” she says. “’Twas human blood.”

In an instant, it all comes back to me.

Michael. Rebecca. Chikah. Benjamin. The Cult. The Ritual. Every-thing.

I think I’m going to throw up.

I lurch to my feet and look around frantically for a bathroom, a sink.

Moira is at my side in an instant. She pulls me toward the kitchen. “Dinnae ruin my carpet, laddie!”

Wow! Her grip is strong!

By the time I reach the sink, the nausea has passed. I lean against the sink all the same. The room is still spinning.

Moira gave me blood to drink. I drank human blood.

And I liked it.

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