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A Post-Apocalypse Survivor Story

The Sweeper Virus

The airways of human travel have become the vehicle of transporting one of the most deadly viruses known to man. A man-made concoction that sends the globe into a death spiral so devastating that only a handful of humans survive the outbreak.


In a post-apocalyptic landscape, there’s no room for trust.

A Three-Part Occult Suspense Series

The Bracken Covenant Series

The written word can build worlds, inspiring and advancing civilizations to the limits of the universe—but it also has the power to destroy. A collection of books, untouched and forgotten for over a century, is about to set in motion the discovery of a devil-worshiping cult, one as old as recorded history itself. Few have ever cracked open this dark brotherhood’s identity, and one man alone stands in the way of the Bracken Covenant and their future inheritor of the faith—an English professor who unwittingly gets entangled with the cult.


A Contemporary Suspense Survival Novel

The Covenant

Dr. Carver and the group of kidnapped children struggle to survive the horrors of the elaborate underground cultist den. Outnumbered and vulnerable, with the kids being easy targets for not just the demonic zealots, but the wretched feral animal experiments the zealots keep underground, Dr. Carver has to lead the kids through trial after trial of both man and beast to escape before the covenant can cave in the underground passages, trapping them inside a den of evil—doomed to share the same fate as the hundreds of tortured spirits that reside there.


The Conclusion to The Covenant

The Source

Dr. Carver’s world is overturned as the Bracken Covenant rips his loved ones away from him. Forced to follow and to relive the horrors of the den of the Covenant, he plunges into the darkest, most central gathering point for the pervasive evil cult. His foes, ranging from beast, to man, to beings speculatively immortal, attempt to put an end to his, and his loved ones’, lives…. This demonic cult chose the wrong English teacher to sacrifice.