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Deets on The Red Iron Warp

Chapter one is done! Should be posted very soon, just have to finish editing it. I also finished plot lining the basic story out and so The Red Iron Warp looks to be sailing out of port and into open waters.

I’ve never done a public post-to-post project before. Writing a story open ended like this seems fun, but there are a few issues that could arise as well. Even though I post a chapter, there’s always the possiblity that I go back and re-enter edit mode to make the story work, so think of everything I publish here as an open project. I do plan on publishing it as a whole book when it’s compleat, but it more than likely won’t look exactly the same as what I post here on my site.

I’ll try and publish a new chapter every two weeks, but every now and then it might turn out to be once every three weeks. We’ll see as I get in a groove with this type of writing.

If you enjoy the series, let me know! It’s easier to stay engaged with writing if I know people are liking what I’m putting out. Also make sure to recommend it to friends. Share some links around. Helps a ton!


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