A New Book, Launch Imminent

I’ve been working on this book for a very long time. It is finally nearing completion! It’s written, edited, and now I’m almost done with the final proofreading run-throughs. The cover art is in works currently and should be done within a few weeks. Once I’ve formatted and gotten it all uploaded to Amazon, we’re set!

I’ll keep you updated on further news with the series, and as a bonus, I’ll post the front page teaser excerpt from the book to give you a taste of what’s to come. Enjoy!

A fell presence in the jail

 Lifting in the air, the rubble rolled up into floating piles, crunching into a condensed conglomerate. A low guttural chant was beginning as Hamui worked his hands in a rigid configuration, twisting his fingers as he worked the floating rock orbs tighter.

Thrusting his palm forward, one of the orbs launched at the arisen giant that was lurking towards Cray who had finally gotten to his feet after the massive blow.

The smooth rock slammed into the cranium of the large creature, exploding into powder as the giant was forced to use its hands to steady itself from the impact.

Hamui had gotten its attention, its milky white eyes locking onto the little praven that stood with three more rock orbs ready for launch.

Another polished orb shot into its flat ape face, this ball holding together a bit better, crushing facial bone, opening up a few lacerations along its brow and cheeks.

It started to hustle towards Hamui, blasting past Malagar and Matt, receiving another blast from the last two orbs, clobbering its face into mush, a massive sunken hole on its right ocular cavity now, but it needed no vision at that point. It knew what direction the little praven was in.


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