6 years ago I started a blog for our Facebook Fantasy Writers Group to spotlight some of our member’s books and other literary works. I was using a free WordPress blog for it at the time, and after setting up this website, I decided that having everything I post being in one place would make things easier to keep updated.

With that said, I’d like to welcome everyone to the place where I’ll be hosting the Black Dragon Inn blog going forward! I’ll be transferring all previous BDI posts here later today. I do have other posts that I’ll post here on my blog, mostly updates regarding my writing journey, and you’re free to sub and follow that if you’d like, but if you’re just here for the Book Reviews, Book Giveaways, and Author Interviews, you’ll see Black Dragon Inn in the categories list in the right sidebar.

Happy reading, and make sure to join the newsletter and follow me on social media at the bottom of the page for updates!


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